Service Innovation

Our experienced business and technology teams take comprehensive technology and process approaches to solutions delivery to architect and well-planned, well-executed technology, system and software infrastructure best suited to our clients' business and market. Committed to the success of each project, our staff undergoes extensive training and technology specialization with the goal of earning certifications in their areas of expertise. We, at Quadpointsys, believe in the quality paradigm that goes beyond acceptance and delivery. We believe that we are able to achieve quality through customer satisfaction, by measuring the utilization rate of our business solutions. As your partner, we provide wide-ranging support to formulate and implement effective technology, system and software solutions.

    1. Identification of packaged software products or system providers as solutions to client requirements.
    2. Identification of hardware products as part of system solutions to client needs.
    3. Identification of other related IT solutions (i.e. network, peripherals) that are critical to the completion of the project.
    4. Product customization according to client's requirements.
    5. Product implementation in terms of installation and testing in coordination with other solution providers.
    Build up of a system from ground up from Requirement Analysis, System Design, System Construction (Programming), to System Implementation Specialization centers on client-server application systems development using:

    1. Visual Basic .NET
    2. ASP.NET
    3. MS SQL Server 2008 - 2010.

    Quadpointsys provides concept, design and rendering of professional-quality Internet or intranet sites for your corporate or personal use. This will help your company tap new markets and make its presence felt in the industry. Your organization may place its profile, product information, services offered and other information it wants to publish in and through the NET.