Our Patient Information Management System (PIMS) conforms with DOH STANDARD MEDICAL REPORTS (A.O. NO. 2013-0006) this includes:
  • Landbased Medical Certificate
  • Landbased Medical Worksheet
  • Seafarer Medical Certificate
  • Seafarer Medical Worksheet
  • HIV Certificate
  • Psychological Evaluation Report
  • DOH Monthly Report
Special forms are also included such as:
  • Malaysia Medical Worksheet
  • Singapore Medical Worksheet
  • China Medical Worksheet
  • South Korea Medical Worksheet
  • Panama
  • Marshall Islands
  • Malta
  • Dominica Republic
  • Liberia
  • Vanuatu
  • Antigua and Barbuda

Other Special Forms can also be included as per your request.

User Friendly Design, Feature Rich and Customizable according to your needs and requirements. Developed Using .NET Technology which is compatible with Windows XP and future releases of Windows Operating System


Biometrics Identification / Authentication

– Identify or verify patient using enrolled fingerprint.
– Ensure that no switching of patient will happen.

Built-In Picture Capturing Module

– No need to use external software for capturing photo.
– No need to manually save and crop picture.

Signature Tablet Ready

– Capture Signatures Electronically using Signature/Drawing Tablet.

Automatic Email Sending

– Send medical result status through email with one click.

Generates Billing Statement

– Generates Billing Statement per agency for charged patient's.

Generate Sales Report

– Generates Sales Report depending on the date range, and can be filtered by Cash or Charge.

Generate Transmittal Report

– Generates Transmittal Report depending on the date range, and can be filtered by Recommendation "Fit to work, Unfit to work, Pending, etc.".

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